Accountability Process Demands and Response

[Document last updated: July 17, 2011] Three months ago, Chad Walter’s partner fled from his abuse with the help of her friends and allies. Chad was then given the opportunity to participate in an accountability process with his community.

Chad was asked to take the steps outlined below as part of the accountability process regarding his patterns of abuse and intimate violence. Chad was given ample opportunity and support within the process to comply with the demands made of him. Chad chose not to comply with most of these demands.

Survivor’s Demands

Chad’s Response

In the interest of protecting his future partners from his abuse, Chad was asked to get counseling specific to being a domestic violence abuser. Chad has not done this; instead, he lied to his accountability team. He reported that the three counselors he contacted refused to work with perpetrators. When a member of Chad’s accountability team contacted them, two stated that they do work with perpetrators. The third was on vacation and couldn’t be reached for comment.
Chad was asked to concede certain space to the survivor, including not standing in her sections at Timbers games, not going to bars they both go to when he knows she’s going to be there, and not to contact her directly or indirectly through friends or the organization she works with. Chad has pushed up against these boundaries as much as possible. He has stood as close as he can to the survivor in neighboring sections at Timbers games, staring her down in an attempt to intimidate her. After setting up turntables at a dance night he knew the survivor would attend, he said repeatedly he didn’t think it was fair he had to leave. He enlisted some of their mutual friends (to whom he had not disclosed) in agreeing with that evaluation. Rather than giving needles to the DJ upon his departure, Chad left with them so he would have an excuse to return to the bar later when the survivor was there. Chad has also contacted the organization the survivor works with.
Chad was asked to disclose to women he dates that he has a history of being an abuser, and specifically identify himself as an abuser. Although Chad began dating again less than two months after he was confronted about his abuse, he did not disclose his history of abuse to the women he subsequently pursued.
Chad was asked to disclose that he is abusive and is in a domestic abuse accountability process to the larger community he is involved with. Chad made vague and incomplete reference to his abusive behavior within his circles and broader community, falling significantly short of the transparency asked of him by the survivor. Chad did not address specific incidents of abuse and violence he was asked to take responsibility for. Chad wrote a statement giving a partial and minimizing account of his abuse, but more recently has denied abuse even on this level.
It was requested that Chad not “shit-talk” the survivor or her political associates. Chad has not complied with this request. He has consistently tried to blacken the reputation of the survivor. He tailored his narratives to fit the people he talked to; the shit-talking increased as he began to face consequences.
It was requested that the survivor be able to confront Chad. Chad refused to meet with the survivor, even mediated, stating that it “made him uncomfortable.”

Finally, Chad has stated multiple times to the people involved in the accountability process who have been supporting his participation that he doesn’t want to be in the process. That Chad has not actively stalked or assaulted the survivor since the process began is not an adequate measure of success.

Chad has done no work toward making himself a safer person for future partners, or making amends to the survivor by honoring the requests set before him at the beginning of the process. It is for these reasons that the community should consider Chad Walter to be out of compliance with his domestic violence accountability process.


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