Warning: the contents of this website may be triggering.

The purpose of this website is to provide information about Chad Mason Walter Sr. and his history of physical and emotional abuse against women.

From August 2010 to April 2011, the creators of this site saw our friend who had begun to date Walter go from a healthy person embarking on a new relationship, to someone who was disconnected, in a state of constant anxiety, and eaten away by her never knowing what Walter was going to do next. Walter’s abusive patterns became evident and increasingly pronounced soon after our friend moved in with him, early in the relationship. While the survivor’s account highlights specific instances and patterns of abuse, it is important to remember that much has been left out, and that it was the constant belittling, intimidation, and abuse rather than specific dramatic acts of Walter’s that actually had the worst effect.

After fleeing with the help of friends, this survivor asked Walter to take responsibility for his extreme abusive behavior, and to engage in a process that would demonstrate a commitment to meaningful change. The survivor’s demands and Walter’s response to the process may be found here. Walter initially wrote a statement incompletely taking responsibility for his recent abuse but later lapsed into denial and survivor-blaming. Given Walter’s continued belligerence and attacks on the survivor, we have decided to make this information more widely available.

Walter portrays himself as a feminist and an anti-oppression leader. He graduated in Spring 2011 from Portland State University with a major in Women’s Studies. Walter attempts to portray himself as someone deeply opposed to racism, homophobia, and patriarchy. This is difficult to square with Walter’s own behavior.

Walter is active in several Portland communities. Walter goes to Timbers matches and considers himself a part of the Timbers Army.

Walter is active in the Portland music scene. He DJs under the name “DJ Liberator.” Walter DJs the regular last Saturday “Mod Reggae Jamboree”  at Beulahland. He also DJs  the first Friday at the East Burn with the Cascadia Soul Alliance.  He has DJed in the past with Ghost Town Soul Club. Walter is also a drummer and has played in several Portland bands.

He has recently become involved with the scooter mod scene, and has been involved in the punk and non-racist skinhead subcultures.

Walter is also a veteran and attends veterans’ groups. Walter has attempted to portray his abusive behavior as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder following his deployment to Iraq. However Walter’s own statement from 2003 after being sent to a Domestic Violence Intervention Project shows that his abusive behavior has roots that go significantly further back.

Because Walter has not made any good faith effort to examine his own behavior or take responsibility for it, and because he continues to pose a threat to members of various communities, especially women, we ask that this information be shared and that those involved in communities alongside Walter reexamine their associations with him.

Contact us: chadwalterinfo (at) riseup (dot) net